Working with Suppliers

Our suppliers are an essential part of Bank of Ireland and play a vital role in supporting the Group’s purpose of enabling our Customers, Colleagues and Communities to thrive.

The Bank will continue to pay small and medium enterprise suppliers earlier than our standard 30 day payment terms in 2024. See details on the Working with Suppliers home page.

Financial Services Supplier Qualification System (FSQS)

Bank of Ireland is committed to responsible business practices that meet our regulatory requirements whilst ensuring that we are positive company for suppliers to do business with.

To support this commitment, the Bank is introducing a new supplier qualification process – the Financial Services Supplier Qualification System (FSQS).

In the past suppliers to the Group may have been required to complete a number of compliance and assurance data requests in order to work with Bank of Ireland. The new standardised approach, which is already in use by a number of other leading financial services companies, is designed to standardise and manage the collection of compliance and assurance data from our suppliers. It will ensure that this data is kept up to date, and that there is one simple and streamlined process for suppliers to follow.

The introduction of FSQS provides a standardised process for the collection and management of supplier compliance assurance information across the Group, whilst minimising risk and protecting services which support our customers and enable them to thrive.

A copy of the Financial Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) brochure can be found here.