Bank of Ireland API Support FAQs

The Bank of Ireland Developer Hub provides technical specifications and API documentation to support you in using our APIs and sample API data so you can test your application during development. We currently provide the Open Banking Read/Write APIs that were developed by Open Banking Limited.

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I am having issues accessing the Bank of Ireland API Channel

  • My customer is being told they have ‘no eligible accounts’ when selecting an account for account information or payment initiation, and they believe they should be able to select an account.

    Accounts will only be available to select if they are also visible and available in the bank’s online channels; 365 or Business On Line. Please ask your customer to check this first. Personal customers using their 365 user ID may receive this message if they have a joint account, but have not selected joint holder access for open banking services. If this is the case, please ask your customer to contact Bank of Ireland customer services. Business customers using their Business On Line ID may receive this message if the account administrator has not selected ‘Access to Third Party’, and/or allowed the individual user to ‘View Accounts’ (for AIS) or ‘Make Payments’ (for PIS). These options can be found in the Business On Line administrator area.

  • API usability - Can’t access our APIs?

    There could be a number of reasons as to why you may not be able to access our APIs, please use the ‘Contact us Form’ if the issue persists.

  • What is the Fallback solution?

    If our API Channel (or certain API functionality) is unavailable (for example, due to a systems breakdown), we will make available, a contingency mechanism (also known as a Fallback solution).

    This Fallback solution is available in the UK from 14 March 2020.

    In order to use the Fallback solution, you must fill out the following 'Notification for use of Fallback' form, and attach your eIDAS certificate.

    You must notify us of your intention to use the Fallback facility in line with regulatory obligations as follows:

    If you are a PISP you must notify us every time you are initiating a payment.

    If you are an AISP you must notify us every time you are logging in to access balance and transaction details on a payment account.

  • How do I upload my eIDAS certificate?

    You must upload your QWAC certificate in a human readable format. To do that, you will have to:

    1. Convert the relevant base64 .pem file for the public certificate to text format such as in the example below:
      openssl x509 -in <<QWAC-cert-name.pem>> -– out<<QWAC-cert-name.txt>> - text-noout
    2. Save the resulting output to a .txt file.
    3. Upload the relevant file to Bank of Ireland when prompted.
    4. If you have completed the above steps and you are unable to upload your eIDAS certificate - please contact us by following this link.

  • Once I have submitted the Notification for usage of Fallback form what do I do?

    Once you have informed us that you are using our contingency mechanism, you will need to ask the customer for their security credentials for their online channel (365, or BOL). Examples of security credentials include the customer’s username/ID, their password or answers to security questions.

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