Unrecognised Transactions

If you do not recognise a transaction on your current account, debit card or credit card you should always investigate it. For example, you may not recognise a transaction name or the time of a purchase may not match what you remember.

  • How do I identify a transaction name I do not recognise?

    If you don't recognise the name of a transaction it may be because the retailer uses a different trading name to the one above the shop door or web address. Here are some common trading names and their more recognisable retailer names:

    Displayed on Transaction List Merchant Behind Transaction
    AIRWALLET APS GALWAY IE Public Washing Machines/Dryers
    AWP P&C S.A DUTCH BRAN Insurance (Online tickets for concerts etc.)
    Buymie Lidl home delivery
    Call Centre at BVCB Belfast Belfast Visitor & Convention Bureau /Translink call centre
    Certacodas Oil Heating
    Clydaville Investments The Kilkenny Shop
    Comms XL Eason Book store
    Corajio Mr. Price
    DIRECTF Stena Line
    Empathy Marketing Pigsback
    Euro Parking Collection M50 toll charge
    FFNHELP.COM Dating Website
    Go Plator ESB Car Charging Point
    GW2 account verification Card verification for Etsy.com
    Health Services Credit Dublin Credit Union
    HB EIRE WEB Holland and Barrett
    IFL Finance Dublin Irish Ferries
    ISS Swords Lifestyle Sports
    JC DECAUX SA Dublin Bikes
    JustAnswr (e.g., Lawyer*JustAnswr) Just Answer website subscription
    KENTIAN LTD Mulhall’s SuperValu
    LC International Ladbrokes
    MCGENTERTA*FOLLOWFOX Santa House – Palmerstown
    MOBIELWERKT B.V. Gomibo – Mobile Phone/Tablet/Gadget
    NECLSCH Contactless/online or tokenised transactions for cross border payments
    NEPOSCH Point of sale/chip and pin or contactless transactions for cross border charges.
    NYA*Corevend Limited Vending Machines
    NYA*Gough Brothers Air-pump at Circle K
    Ogalas Unlimited Home Store + More
    PHOTO ME IRELAND Washer/dryers you would find at service stations
    PRISM LTD A system used for late hotel cancellation fees
    Puntofaslma Mango clothing
    Retail in Motion Inflight purchases/Duty Free
    ROI ECOMm Boots Pharmacy
    Sport Ticketing NJUKO Charity run / Triathlon / Mud Run etc.
    Store Financial Service Dundrum shopping centre gift vouchers
    Sumbill GAA Match on TV
    Sumup Mobile Card Reader
    SUPERPEDESTRIAN Escooter Rental
    THE BVSC Kildare Village Shopping Outlet
    UNIVERSE.COM/CHARGE Football match tickets
    Venntro Media Dating Sites
    VF NORTHERN EUROPE SER The North Face, Vans, Timberland, Kipling clothing
    Webtransact Service used by businesses to process payments online, for example a TV service
    WLY Completesave payment
    Young Adult Card Leap card/ Luas card etc.
    28DC TERM 8 2021 Dance Yourself Fit



  • What does 'SEPA DD' mean?

    When you check your account, you might see something called ‘SEPA DD’ - that stands for ‘SEPA Direct Debit’. This shows up on the first day a direct debit payment begins. Once the payment is completed and processed, ‘SEPA DD’ will change to the name of the company or organisation you paid.

    ​Discover how to view previous direct debits.


  • What are cross-border transactions?

    Have you spotted a transaction like this on your account? Example: P2801GB 6.14@1.1406

    This is usually a payment you made using your debit card outside of Ireland. You might have used your card and entered your PIN, tapped it, or used Apple or Google Pay. It could also be an online purchase, like buying something from a subscription service like Amazon Prime, which operates outside of the Republic of Ireland.

    The transaction name on your account is just that transaction broken down into the date, currency, amount and exchange rate to help you understand it better.


  • Why does the time of the transaction not match up to when I made the purchase?

    Sometimes, companies do not process payments right away. This means, the time and date you see on your account might be a bit different from when you actually made your purchase. This often happens with weekend or evening purchases, as the transaction gets processed on the next business day.


  • What should I do if I don’t recognise a transaction?

    If you’re finding a difficult to recognise a transaction on your account, ask yourself the following:

    • Did I place an order over the phone or online recently?
    • Did I share my card details at any stage over the phone or online?
    • Did I tap in or share the full card number/expiry date/CVV code?
    • Have I signed up for a new product or service lately?
    • Has anyone else - partner, family member, friend - used my card?


  • Who should I contact if I’m worried about a transaction?

    Emergency Contact Numbers

    Available 24 hours 7 days a week

    Republic of Ireland

    Freephone: ​1800 946 764 (personal and business)

    Great Britain & Northern Ireland

    Freephone: ​0800 121 7790 (personal and business)

    Everywhere outside Republic of Ireland, Great Britain & Northern Ireland

    Not Freephone ​+ 353 1 679 8993

    Not Freephone + 353 56 775 7007 (Lost/Stolen cards or smart device)