Cyber Monday Tips

Buying online this Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Read our top tips guide to help you stay safe online

Use up to date anti-virus software on your computer – this will help protect it against malware.

Think before you click – planning ahead can help and make sure you double check website addresses for anything unusual.

Be careful with links in emails and texts – remember that fake links or ads could lead you to a fraudulent website or contain malicious software.

Use trusted websites  – check that the ‘https’ and the lock symbol is displayed in your browser address window when entering your card details or any personal information.

On a mobile device use trusted apps – it can be difficult to see the full web address on mobile if you are using a web browser so instead stick with trusted apps.

Use long passwords – try using a sentence or three or four random words together. And don’t re-use your passwords – make sure you have a different one for each online account.

Check your bank statements – if you don’t recognise a transaction, contact your bank or card issuer.