JAM Card Launch

JAM Card allows vulnerable customers with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily. From July 20th Bank of Ireland is now JAM Card friendly with 2,000 staff trained on JAM Card

Bank of Ireland proud to be JAM Card friendly

“I’m delighted to announce that we’re JAM Card friendly right across our branch network. Some everyday situations that most of us take for granted, like walking into a bank branch, can be daunting for people with a communication barrier and that impacts on their financial wellbeing. The JAM Card is a really simple but ground-breaking initiative which I hope will make our branches more accessible and help all our customers feel comfortable and welcome.”

Aine McCleary, Director of Distribution Channels, Bank of Ireland


What is JAM Card and who is it for?

The JAM Card© which says ‘Just a minute’ on one side and ‘Please be patient I have a learning difficulty on the other’ allows people to ask for a minute of patience in any situation they need it including in banks, shops, restaurants and public transport. It is also available as an app for smartphones that allows users to select what their screen says from options including ‘I have autism/Asperger’s’ to ‘I have a condition’.

There are 3 message options to choose from on the card:

  1. Please be patient, I have autism
  2. Please be patient, I have learning disability/difficulty
  3. Please be patient, I have a condition

You can customise you card message on the app. Find out more at NOW Group and JAM Card here.

How to get a JAM Card?

There are several different ways to get a JAM Card. You can:

    1. Ask one of your local BOI branch staff as they are available at every branch or,
    2. You can order a card direct from the JAM site by clicking here or,
    3. You can download the app from your app store