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Republic of Ireland – ROI Schedule of Fees and Charges for Personal Customers (PDF)

Northern Ireland – Fees and Charges for Personal Customers

Great Britain – Fees and Charges for Personal Customers

  • ROI - Fees and Charges

    As a personal customer how do I avoid paying for day to day banking transaction fees?

    Our No Transaction Fees Offer means customers who meet certain qualifying criteria are not charged for some of the day to day transactions on their account.

    To qualify for this offer in this fee quarter you must maintain a minimum credit balance of €3,000 in your Personal Current account throughout the full fee quarter. You will still be liable for the €5 quarterly maintenance fee.

    Lodgements received and payments made after cut off times or anytime on a non-banking day (i.e. Saturday, Sunday or bank/public holiday) may not be reflected in the account until the following working day. There are different cut off times for different transactions. Please contact your branch for details. Our No Transaction Fee Offer is based upon the balance and other sources of balance information available such as ATM, online, phone, or branch printed statements.

    Full details of our No Transaction Fees Offer and fee quarters are available in our Schedule of Fees and Charges for Personal Customers

    No quarterly account transaction fees also apply to our Third Level Student, Graduate and Golden Years Current Accounts.

    What Fees and Charges apply?

    Full details of our personal current account fees and charges are contained in our brochure 'Schedule of fees and Charges for Personal Customers' available from any branch.

    Full details of our Business current account fees and charges are contained in our brochure 'Schedule of Fees and Charges for Business Customers' available from any branch.

    Charges for International Money Transfers via 365 online

    Bank of Ireland (InterPayplus charges - applicable to all accounts
    Transactions to EU Member States* with IBAN & BIC No change
    All other euro payments (e.g. Euro to China) €12.00 each
    Payments destined for countries outside EU Member States* (e.g. USD to the USA) €5 each plus a foreign exchange margin
    Payments destined for countries within EU Member States* (e.g. Sterling to the UK) No handling charge*** - A foreign exchange margin applies

    *Plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, but not Switzerland.

    ***This is subject to change.

    Foreign Bank Charges

    • International money transfers can also attract foreign bank charges. These charges are deducted from the amount received by the payee, by an intermediary bank and/or the payee's bank. The charges relate to their role in transmitting and processing the payment, and can vary. Some foreign banks' charges can be high with no maximum applying.
    • In the event that you provide incorrect information resulting in a query with the foreign bank, any charge applied by the foreign bank will be passed back to you.

    Full details of our International transaction charges are contained in our brochure 'Schedule of International Transaction Charges' available from any branch.

    Are there any concessions available on international money transfers?

    Customers with a Golden Years or Third Level Student Current account will receive a concession on the Bank of Ireland charge for international money transfers.

    What foreign exchange rates apply?

    Foreign exchange rates are based on current market rates. They can differ with the various products. The variations take account of the domestic and foreign costs involved. You will be advised of these charges on the payment confirmation screen before you authorise the transactions with your 365 PIN. Also current rates for low value transactions are displayed on the branch notice board and quotations for larger value transactions are available on request.

    Are there any other charges?

    Unusual and Costly Transactions charges/Account Administration charges (€33 per hour) may be applied for non-routine requests involving significant workload. You will be notified of these charges in advance or at the time of request.

    Out of pocket expenses may also apply, where relevant.Call Charges
    Calls to Bank of Ireland 365 phone made from within Ireland are charged at LoCall rates, except for mobile calls where the rate is decided by your mobile phone service provider. If you are calling from outside Ireland International call rates apply. If accessing the service online, the cost will be determined by your Internet service provider.

  • NI - Fees and Charges

    What fees and charges apply?

    Personal Customers

    Full details of our personal current account fees and charges are contained in our 'Personal Current Account Charges Explained' brochure. Details of Service Charges are contained in our 'Schedule of service charges' brochure. Both brochures are available from any branch or on

    Business Customers

    The Current Account transaction fees and service charges apply to transactions and services provided via Bank of Ireland 365. Full details of our business account fees and charges are contained in our 'Schedule of Charges for Business Customers NI' brochure available from any branch or on

  • GB - Fees and Charges

    Full details of our fees and charges are in our ‘Schedule of Service Charges’ brochure, which you can read on our Bank of Ireland UK website.