Loyalty Build compromise

Bank of Ireland confirms that we have no reports of fraud on the cards affected in respect of the Loyalty Build data compromise.

We would like to reassure customers that the Bank has highly effective fraud monitoring that has proven to offer customers high levels of protection in these circumstances and that the Bank promptly contacts customers and refunds losses of this nature.

We are currently reviewing the card data information from Visa and MasterCard and will take any action necessary to protect our customers and the Bank from fraud.

We always recommend  that customers monitor transactions on their card closely.   If a customer does suspect there are fraudulent transactions on their card at any time they should immediately contact the customer service number on the rear of the card.

In addition, we would note that the risk period has been defined by the Data Protection Commissioner as follows “The data breach that affected  some 80,000 customers of Supervalu’s Getaway and Axa’s Leisure Break loyalty break schemes appears to have taken place in mid-October.  These customers – who should by now have been notified directly by Supervalu and Axa – should examine their card  transactions since mid-October to identify any such transactions that they did not authorise.  They should also follow the advice of their card provider on any further precautions that might be necessary to protect themselves (extract from statement by Data Protection Commissioner).”