Bank of Ireland – Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and diversity is important to our customers, our colleagues, and our commercial success as a business. That is why we take it seriously.

Inclusion and diversity is important to us because the countries and the communities in which we do business are diverse, as are our more than four million customers. That diversity is reflected across gender, age, neurodiversity, sexuality, ethnicity, socio economic background, marital status, religion, and ability.

Customer: We strive to reflect the diversity of the customers that we serve. If we understand our customers better we can deliver better customer outcomes, which helps build a more sustainable business. Being inclusive and diverse is not only good for our customers, colleagues and society – it makes clear commercial sense.

Colleague: We have an ambition to be a great place to work, and are committed to fostering a workplace where all staff are treated with dignity and respect. Our aim is to welcome everybody, enable fair career progression, and provide a safe place for all colleagues to work. To support this, we have designed a range of programmes, policies and colleague networks to drive continued improvement in relation to gender balance, ethnicity, LGBTQ+ inclusion including transitioning at work, family and carers, accessibility, multiculturalism, neurodiversity, and intergenerational issues.

Company: Employing people with different skills, backgrounds and abilities also helps make us stronger and more successful as a company. It broadens the pool of talent available to us, which brings different perspectives to decision making and challenges groupthink. Companies need diversity of views, background, and life-experience and that is the type of community we are seeking to build at Bank of Ireland.

We challenge ourselves to do more, and will continue to adapt our inclusion and diversity policies and supports into the future.

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