Senior Management Committees

Group Executive Committee

Henry Dummer – Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Elliott – Chief People Officer

Tom Hayes – Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Banking

Gavin Kelly – Chief Executive Officer, Retail Ireland

Francesca McDonagh – Group Chief Executive

Ian McLaughlin – Chief Executive Officer Retail UK

Sarah McLaughlin – Group Secretary & Head of Corporate Governance

Vincent Mulvey – Group Chief Risk Officer

Jackie Noakes – Group Chief Operating Officer

Myles O’Grady – Group Chief Financial Officer

Mark Spain – Chief Strategy Officer

Oliver Wall – Chief of Staff & Head of Corporate Affairs

Executive Risk Committee

Vincent Mulvey – Chairman

Francesca McDonagh – Court Member

Myles O’Grady

Declan Murray

Tom Fee

Gabrielle Ryan

Gavin Kelly

Tom Hayes

Jackie Noakes

Ian McLaughlin

John Hall

Britta Hjorth-Larsen