365 Online Changes

SEPA Changes to 365 online and Mobile Banking…

We have introduced a number of changes to 365 online and our Mobile Banking app to meet requirements set out under the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Regulation. These changes only affect Bank of Ireland customers in the Republic of Ireland.

The introduction of SEPA means that cross-border electronic payments in euro across the SEPA zone can be as quick, easy and cost effective as domestic payments.

What does this mean for 365 online?

  • Domestic transfers are now known as SEPA transfers and allow customers to make euro payments to SEPA Zone countries (including Ireland)
  • Your domestic payees are now renamed SEPA payees with account details converted to BIC & IBAN
  • International Transfers are now known as International (Non SEPA) Transfers and can be used to make euro transfers to non SEPA zone countries or foreign currency payments
  • Certain International Payees have been re-categorised as SEPA payees (i.e. SEPA zone countries with euro as their local currency and countries for which we only offer euro as the transferring currency)
  • A number of new SEPA Direct Debit Services are now available from the Online Service Desk on 365. For details of available services please see SEPA DD Services.

What does this mean for the Mobile Banking app?

  • SEPA transfers will replace Domestic transfers and SEPA payees will replace Domestic payees. Please note: new payees can be set up using BIC and IBAN on 365 online only
  • Customers are required to upgrade to the new SEPA version of the app in order to continue to use the Bank of Ireland mobile banking service

For more information on SEPA, please click here.