Bank of Ireland introduces paid Menopause Leave

Dr Ciara Kelly was at Bank of Ireland today to host an information session around the Menopause and supports available. Joanne Healy, Head of Employee Relations at Bank of Ireland and Head of Industrial relations David Coleman, introduced the Menopause Supports Policy to colleagues at the session today. The policy includes a provision for 10 days paid leave, along with a range of supports for colleagues experiencing menopause-related sickness.
  • 10 days paid leave available to colleagues experiencing menopause related sickness
  • Attendance record will not be affected
  • Menopause policy to also include a range of colleague supports

Bank of Ireland has introduced a menopause support policy offering a range of new provisions including paid leave to colleagues who are going through the menopause. Menopause leave will be available to colleagues experiencing menopause-related sickness, with up to 10 days of paid leave available.

According to research published last week by the Department of Health, three quarters of women over the age of 35 have either entered peri menopause (19%), are in menopause (18%) or have completed menopause (37%). With its new policy, the Bank is hoping to encourage better menopause awareness and understanding among staff, and ultimately facilitate a more open and friendly work environment for those experiencing menopause.

Menopause leave is paid leave from work for menopause-related sickness absence, for those experiencing psychological or physical symptoms. Any sick leave required as a result of, or related to, menopause (e.g. attending medical appointments) will be recorded as menopause related leave and will not impact colleagues’ attendance records.

As part of the new policy, all Bank of Ireland people managers and HR teams will receive training to help them better understand the impact that menopause can have on work, and what supports might be helpful to any colleagues affected by menopausal symptoms.

Joanne Healy, Head of Employee Relations, Bank of Ireland said: “As an employer we are committed to building a more supportive and inclusive culture within the Bank. We want to help our colleagues at all stages of their lives including the menopause. This new policy and training have been introduced as important supports for our colleagues who are going through the menopause. This will help us continue to build a work environment in which everyone is treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

“The menopause supports policy is one of a series of progressive policy improvements we are implementing at Bank of Ireland. It follows the recent launch of our enhanced paternity leave policy, the domestic abuse support policy as well as fertility leave and supports. We will continue to explore ways that we can improve at the experience and wellbeing for all of our Bank of Ireland colleagues.”

Bank of Ireland colleagues in need of support can contact people managers directly on a confidential basis, and can also to avail of the support provided by Here for You 24/7, the Bank of Ireland Group’s Employee Assistance Programme.