Bank of Ireland launches initiative to give people the skills and confidence to access digital banking

Bank of Ireland launches initiative to give people the skills and confidence to access digital banking

  • ‘Your Next Step’ video series covers everyday banking essentials and online safety
  • Customers can prepare for and practice their first steps in digital banking
  • Financial inclusion is a key pillar of the Bank’s Financial Wellbeing programme

13 July 2021 – A new, 15-part video tutorial series launched today by Bank of Ireland as part of its Financial Wellbeing programme seeks to make digital banking safer and more accessible for customers young and old.

While our mobile app is now our most popular way to bank, some customers can be reluctant to use digital banking services because of concerns about online security or because they’re unfamiliar with the technology and processes.

To help them, Bank of Ireland has created ‘Your Next Step’, a series of short, easy-to-follow video tutorials on how to get set up for digital banking and perform a range of everyday banking tasks like checking your balance, ordering a statement and managing standing orders. The videos are designed to give customers the reassurance and comfort of knowing exactly what to expect at each step before they do it for real.

Introduced by Emmy Award-winning TV and radio broadcaster Baz Ashmawy and his mum, Nancy, the video series will also focus on helping customers protect themselves online.

Gavin Kelly, Chief Executive of the Bank’s Retail Ireland division, said: “We want digital banking to be accessible and safe for all our customers but we realise that, for some, it’s a leap they’re not comfortable making. They might worry about pressing the wrong button or doing the wrong thing or they could be anxious about online security. That’s why we’ve designed this course to build their confidence and skills in these specific areas.”

“Our new video series will show you how to download the app, prepare for the call to our contact centre to activate your account, and then do everyday banking tasks like checking your balance. Online safety is absolutely critical so we’ve made sure to cover topics like strong passwords and safe ways to communicate with us when you need support and help.

“We know, for example, that not being able to easily check their account balance during the pandemic lockdowns was an additional source of anxiety for some customers. We also recognise that trying to help set up a loved one for mobile or online banking can be difficult when living remotely from them so we hope our new video series will help.”

“The videos are a great way for customers to prepare for and practice their first steps in digital banking. They show you what to expect at every single step along the way, so nothing is a surprise when you come to do it for real. And customers can take as many steps as they wish, all in their own time.”

“At Bank of Ireland we want to do everything we can to make sure no one is left behind and customers have the confidence to bank online. We know digital banking can seem like a big leap to many customers but we hope that, by giving them the support they need, we can make that leap as small as possible.”

Part one of the video series, launched today, deals with mobile banking. Part two, to be published in the coming months, will focus on desktop online banking. All the videos feature Irish sign language (ISL) interpretation and large text captions.

The video tutorials can be accessed at Customers can also request the link to the video series by texting “NextStep” to 50365.