Bank of Ireland Asks Public to be Wary of Fraudulent Text Messages

Bank of Ireland has warned the public to be wary of fraudulent text messages being circulated attempting to get people to disclose account details. There has been a particular spike this week in ‘smishing’, where fraudsters send fake text messages.

Bank of Ireland is urging the public not to respond to these SMS text messages, which are designed to appear as if sent by the bank and look like originating from a genuine phone number. Bank of Ireland never texts customers asking them to update or provide online banking information, and anyone receiving such texts should delete them from their mobile device immediately.

Edel McDermott, Head of Group Fraud, Bank of Ireland said: “Fraudsters target customers of banks, utility companies, postal, taxation and social welfare services and other organisations. They are active day in, day out, 24/7 but they are particularly active this week. We will never text, send emails or call a customer looking for their confidential banking details. You can forward any suspicious emails or texts to us at and if anyone is concerned that their account or personal information has been compromised, they should call our 24/7 freephone line 1800 946 764.”

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