Bank of Ireland waives contactless fees

Bank of Ireland will waive all contactless fees with immediate effect for the duration of the public health emergency.

To comply with the advice from the Government on social distancing and hand hygiene, many consumers are relying more on contactless payments while carrying out everyday purchases.

Bank of Ireland has also announced further supports today for customers impacted by travel disruption. The Bank has committed to buying back foreign currency at the rate it was sold, ensuring that the customer won’t be at a financial loss.

John O’Beirne, Director of Products at Bank of Ireland said; “We are very conscious that contactless transactions are the safest and most practical solution for customers in the current climate. To that end we are waiving all contactless fees.

“We also don’t want any customer to be out of pocket due to travel cancellations, so we will buy back foreign currency at the rate it was originally sold.

“We understand that some customers may be worried about the impact that contracting COVID-19 might have on them financially, and would ask customers to contact us directly where they have concerns.”