Bank of Ireland’s ‘Silver Surfer Day’ to celebrate Positive Ageing Week

Bank of Ireland’s ‘Silver Surfer Day’ to celebrate Positive Ageing Week

To celebrate Age Action’s Positive Ageing Week, Bank of Ireland is hosting a Silver Surfer Day on Wednesday 8th October.   Silver Surfer Day aims to help older customers understand how using self-service and modern technology can enhance their lives and their overall banking experience.

During the day customers can come into Bank of Ireland branches across the country where staff will give hands-on tutorials on the Bank’s various banking services – these include traditional counter services, self-service devices, telephone, mobile and tablet app banking.  Customers can also share in refreshments and network with their community.

Speaking about the upcoming event, John Keegan, Director, Distribution Channels at Bank of Ireland said: “It is a myth that older customers will only bank in the traditional way. We have many older customers who are as devoted to their smartphones or tablets as their grandchildren.    However, we understand that some may be uncomfortable embracing modern technology and that is why Bank of Ireland continues to allow all our customers’ to bank in the way that they choose.   Customers genuinely appreciate the number of options we give them to bank with us.

“This event is to celebrate our older customers who have supported us for decades and to give them an opportunity to hear about how technology can enhance their lives.    Experience has shown us that when we take the time to show customers how to use alternative banking channels and explain the benefits, they value the choice of being able to bank from their armchair or kitchen table and yet still maintain that unique relationship with their local branch.”

Commenting on the Bank of Ireland initiative, Pauline Power, Manager of Age Action’s Getting Started Computer Training Programme said: “learning IT skills can have a transformative effect on older people. From internet banking to remaining in contact with family and friends, we have seen technology dramatically improve the quality of their lives.”

As the world approaches the Internet’s 25th birthday, Ireland’s Internet usage continues to soar, due to an explosion in tablet computers, smartphones and new online services.     Recent statistics reveal that tablets such as iPads now outsell PCs and nearly 60 percent of Irish people now own a smartphone.

“Over 50s use of the Internet has increased dramatically in recent years and  this segment now uses the Internet on average four hours more per month than the 18-24 age group, spending the majority of their time using search engines and online shopping sites. This growing trend among the older population is due to the increase in use of social networking sites to stay in touch with family members or close friends that live far away.   Studies also point to significant growth in Skype, Facebook, email, and instant messaging usage, mainly as a means of communicating, and also for cost-effectiveness.    However, a recent EU report indicated that one in five Irish people over 40 years of age had never used the Internet,” Keegan added.

Bank of Ireland continues to offer free banking to all customers over the age of 66 years and that includes all their day-to-day banking transactions with no quarterly maintenance fee.    It is also the only bank to commit to maintaining its footprint of over 250 branches – often the only branch serving rural communities across Ireland.