Banc na hÉireann shows its Bród and launches Fáilte Fridays

Banc na hÉireann will celebrate four Fáilte Fridays and play a supporting role in an exciting new RTÉ series – Bernard Dunne’s Bród Club (Bernard Dunne’s Pride Club).    For four Friday’s, commencing  Friday 9th March, every branch across the country will celebrate the Irish language and customers and staff will be encouraged to use whatever Irish they can.   Anyone attempting the cúpla focal on a Fáilte Friday is in with a chance to win a holiday break in Ireland.

The new RTE series, which starts on Monday 5th March, aims to inspire 100,000 people in communities across Ireland to start using whatever Irish they have.    The series airs on RTÉ 1 on Monday evenings at 7.30pm and you can check for further details.

Commenting on the initiative, Tim O’Neill, Director – Branch Network, said: “We aim to have terrific fun on our Fáilte Fridays and it will be great to be able to support this wonderful campaign which celebrates our language and our culture.     For most of us there is little opportunity to use the cúpla focal and it will be a great way to support a campaign that encourages us to use, what we often forget we know, in a social and relaxed way.    We’ll be happy to share the cúpla focal with any customer on any day going forward and will be actively supporting the Bród campaign as it gains momentum.”

In addition, Banc na hÉireann will host a Celtic Youth Week on 12th -16th March, with a key focus on second level students in the lead up to Lá Le Pádraig on 17th March.    Each of our 250 branches will invite local students to their branch and on Fáilte Friday 16th March students will get to try out their Gaeilge to get their hands on a free guthán poca (mobile phone).

Show your bród and participate in this great campaign. Simply attempt to use whatever Irish you can and sign up today to be one of the céad míle members of the Bród Club on