Millions of Irish families are putting their finances at risk by drastically under estimating the value of fathers’ a new study today (13th June 2008) reveals that the contribution a Dad makes to the household could add up to as much as €75,000 per year1.

In advance of Father’s Day this Sunday, Bank of Ireland Life, reveal that the role of Dad extends far beyond that of breadwinner. The value of a father’s contribution to the household cannot be underestimated, yet research reveals that two-thirds2 of Dad’s with children in full-time education have no financial protection against serious illness.

On average Irish Dad’s spend over 30 hours a week doing home repairs, grafting in the garden and playing chef at BBQs. And this is all on top of an average 40-hour working week in paid employment. When you combine the weekly cost of the roles a Dad plays in the household and combine this with average weekly earnings a Dad’s annual contribution is over €74,000.

Task Hours per week Hourly rate Weekly cost Average weekly
Dad’s annual
Handyman 3.95 hrs €60.20 €237.79
Homework Tutor 2.83 hrs €45 €127.35
Driving Instructor 2.80 hrs €37.50 €105
Taxi Driver 2.84 hrs €34.80 €98.83
Gardener 3.39 hrs €15 €50.85
Chef 2.84 hrs €17 €48.28
Cleaner 2.4 hrs €13 €31.20 €106.40
Housekeeper 6.65 hrs €16
33.93 hrs €805.70 €624.45 €74,367.80

Commenting on the findings, Brian Grimes, Head of Protection Business, Bank of Ireland Life said; “I think many Dads around the country will be pleased to see this recognition of their efforts in the home. And while our study would never claim to put a real value on a Dad, it is useful to illustrate how the many roles he plays within the family makes him priceless.”

Most of us don’t have sufficient savings set aside to provide for the financial impact that a seriously ill father could have on the running of the household, however with family protection costing as little as €53 a month5 it seems a small price to pay for peace of mind.”

An analysis of Bank of Ireland Life’s claims in 2007, show that a massive 53% of critical illness claims made by men were during the prime parenting age group of 25 € 49 years. 77% of male critical illness claims were as a result of Heart related illnesses and Cancer.

Bank of Ireland Life is one of Ireland’s leading providers of life assurance and critical illness cover. In 2007, the life company paid out over €50 million in death and critical illness claims to almost 700 customers.

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