Procurement Services

Guide for Suppliers to Bank of Ireland Group

This webpage is designed to provide suppliers of goods and services to Bank of Ireland Group with relevant information regarding our Procurement Process including:

  • Invoicing Requirements.
  • Procedures for Amending Supplier Details.
  • BOI Procurement Services Contact Details.

Prompt Payment & Invoicing Requirements:

Bank of Ireland is committed to prompt payment of invoices, where goods and services have been provided in accordance with contractual obligations.

Please click below for advice on prompt payment of your company’s invoices to the Bank of Ireland Group:

Bank of Ireland Invoicing Requirements

Keeping Your Contact Details Up to Date:

As a vendor you may seek to make amendments to your details which are held on file by Bank of Ireland Group.  These details may include Company Name, Company Address, Email Address, Phone Number or Bank Account Details.

It is vital that you inform BOI Group immediately of any changes to the above details.  Failure to do so will inevitably result in delayed payment of your invoices.  This relates particularly to your Company’s bank account details.

All requests to make amendments to your Company’s details must be submitted in an email to and must detail:

  • Your BoI vendor number
  • ‘old’ details
  • ‘new’ details
  • Contact name – Financial Controller / Accounts Manager

The above should be included in a non-editable (PDF/JPG/TIFF) attachment (on your Company letterhead) attached to the email.

Amendments will only be made when validated by us.

Contacting Bank of Ireland Procurement Services:


In the event that you have any queries relating to the above, or you wish to establish the payment status of your invoices, please contact the Bank of Ireland Service Desk, as follows:

Ireland UK
Phone (Lo-call)  1890 882343  0845 3005019