I paid my credit card bill but the direct debit was still taken. Why? 

Direct debits may still process if:

A manual payment was made:

  1. less than 4 Banking Days before the Direct Debit Collection Date or
  2. less than 7 Banking Days before the Direct Debit Collection Date for a new Direct Debit, including where you amend your bank details on your Direct Debit. Any additional payments made after the deadlines set out above will not reduce the amount to be collected by Direct Debit.

The full payment due was not paid

If the full payment amount is not made the direct debit will process as normal to collect the remaining amount. This mostly occurs if payment amounts are rounded down when making a payment.

Incorrect reference on your payee i.e. Re-issued card

If the wrong credit card number is in the payee reference, on a payee you created, the manual payment cannot be applied to your account balance. This mostly occurs when a new credit card is issued i.e. the previous card was lost or stolen. Payments made to the old credit card (reference) will continue to be applied if within 56 days of issue of your new card to allow you to amend your payee details.

How do I change the payee reference?

Last updated: December 03, 2019

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