How do I change the payee reference on 365 online?

You have 2 options to change your payee references:

  • A temporary change for once-off payments; or
  • Permanently change the reference for all future payments
  • Temporary once-off payments
    1. On the transfer screen click Amend to the right of the Reference you wish to change and begin typing.
    2. Complete the transfer details and click Continue
    3. Confirm with 3 digits of your 365 PIN
    4. The confirmation page will show details of transfer with amended reference. You may choose to print this screen or save as a PDF.
    5. The reference will return to the original reference you chose when adding your payee.

    Possible uses: Making small convenient changes to payee references: “John” to “John Rugby ticket” or “John Dinner”

    Tip: the Quick Transfer tool on 365 online homepage will not give option to change a reference

  • Permanent reference change

    When setting up a new payee, the reference you enter will be permanently saved with the payee details.

    To make a permanent reference change take these 3 steps:
    1. Make a note of all payee details
      • Manage Accounts
      • Manage Payees
      • Select (+) under IBAN column
    2. Select Payee Name and click Delete [X] below
    3. Add a new payee with a new reference and details in step 1

    Possible uses: Changes to bill references such as a change of a customer reference number with the same provider.

    If adding a new Bank of Ireland credit card we always advise setting up a new payee to ensure 16 digit number is correct.

Last updated: October 09, 2018

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