Upgraded smart phone -steps to use the app

If your phone number has also changed you will first need to update your registered number.

Your upgraded device

  • Uninstall/delete the Bank of Ireland app, which may be on your upgrade if you transferred the apps and data from your old device
  • Search for 'Bank of Ireland app' in your app store and download
  • Open the app and complete the registration process in full. See steps here

If any device is lost or stolen, contact us immediately here

What will you be doing with your old device?

I am keeping my old smartphone/tablet

Once you register your new device you can use both devices as a security device for Strong Customer Authentication, when you access and manage your online banking using the Bank of Ireland app.

Tip: create a nickname for your devices for easy management here.

I will be recycling my old smartphone/tablet

If you choose to recycle your smart device by giving it to family/friend, donating to charity, or using local recycling amenities you should take the following steps.

    1. 'Remove' as the security device:

    • Online using the Bank of Ireland app you have registered on a 2nd device. For steps click here
    • By Phone on numbers below. This option should be used in cases of emergency, or if you have only one security device.

    2. Remove any SIM cards or SD cards (storage)

    3. Restore your device to factory settings

Contact Numbers

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