Protect Your Business Technology

What You Can Do

It is important that you properly protect all of your business technology, including mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers . This will help safeguard them against the potentially serious consequences of fraud.


  • Ensure you have up to date anti-virus software in place on your devices and schedule regular checks on your computer systems.
  • Always run your computer or network on the most up to date version of the operating system.
  • Apply security patches as soon as possible after they become available.
  • Back up your data.
  • Ensure you have a firewall enabled on your technology.
  • Know how to recognise the signs that your computer may have become infected (including but not limited to the following):
    1. Applications that don’t work properly.
    2. Date of last login doesn’t match the date you last logged in.
    3. System slows down, freezes or crashes.
    4. Unusual error messages.
    5. Your browser toolbar changes.
    6. System performance deteriorates unexpectedly.
    7. An increase in the number of files on the system when nothing has been added by you.
    8. Printing does not work correctly.
    9. Distortion on screen.
    10. File size changes for no apparent reason.
  • If you suspect that your device may be infected do not log on to any online banking channels until any malicious software has been removed by your security service provider, or seek professional advice from a security service provider.
  • Educate your employees on fraudster tactics and how to avoid them.

Lost or stolen card?

As soon as you believe your card has been lost or stolen, please get in touch. We’ll cancel your card as soon as you tell us it’s missing and get a new card issued to your address (the one we have on file for you) in 5 to 7 working days.

Fraud, suspicious activity or unauthorised transactions?

To report online fraud, suspicious activity, unauthorised transactions on your account or ATM fraud, please contact us as soon as possible via our Freephone numbers listed below.

Shared your online login details?

If you have shared your banking details in response to a suspicious email, text or call, please notify us as soon as possible via the Freephone numbers listed below.

Report a suspicious email or text

To report suspicious Bank of Ireland related emails or texts (both personal and business customers), send the suspicious email or text to


Emergency Contact Numbers

Republic of Ireland

Freephone: 1800 946 764 (personal and business)

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Freephone: 0800 121 7790 (for 365 credit card customers)

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Freephone: 08000 321 288 (for Business On Line & Global Market customers)

Everywhere outside Republic of Ireland, Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Not Freephone + 353567757007