Gallery of phishing and smishing examples

We are aware of fraudsters sending fake emails and texts to consumers, pretending to be from Bank of Ireland. Customers are being asked to remain vigilant against online fraud and cyber activity. In particular we are asking customers to be wary of fake websites imitating Bank of Ireland websites. Customers may be directed to these sites through links in emails or text messages claiming to be from the Bank, or through social media.

Remember, Bank of Ireland will never:

  • Send you a text or email with a link directly to the login page of our online banking channels to confirm banking details or ask you to update their banking details
  • Ask you to click a link in an email with an urgent warning about suspicious activity on your account
  • Ask you to transfer money out of your account to protect you from fraud
  • Ask you to tell us any ‘one-time password’ or code that you have received from us by text
  • Ask you to share or send us your full six-digit 365 PIN, four-digit card PIN or Business On Line credentials
  • Ask you to send us back your bank card


Example of Phishing 1:

Example of Phishing 2:


Example of Smishing 1


Example of Smishing 2


Example of Smishing 3


Example of Smishing 4


Example of Smishing 5


Example of Smishing 6