Cyber Calendar

  • Safer Internet Day

    Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally to promote a safer internet for everyone, but especially for young people.

    Read or download our tips card to help young people connect and be digitally safe.

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    Download our flyer here

    Youth Cyber Security Awareness

  • World Password Day

    World Password Day is an annual event to raise awareness about the importance of strong passwords and best practices for online account security.

    Read our guidance on creating strong passwords and keeping them safe here.

  • Cyber Security Awareness Month

    Cyber Security Awareness Month

    October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, an international campaign to raise awareness of cyber security threats and how best to handle them.

    We are committed to keeping your banking secure but it’s still important that you know how you can protect yourself from online fraudsters.

    In Security Zone, you can learn about common scams and threats and how to avoid them, watch our short ‘stay safe online’ video, download brochures or find important numbers you can call to report concerns.

    Learn more about different types of fraudster tactics here

    Learn how to safeguard your business here.

  • Cyber Monday Tips

    Buying online this Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Read our top tips guide to help you stay safe online

    Use up to date anti-virus software on your computer – this will help protect it against malware.

    Think before you click – planning ahead can help and make sure you double check website addresses for anything unusual.

    Be careful with links in emails and texts – remember that fake links or ads could lead you to a fraudulent website or contain malicious software.

    Use trusted websites  – check that the ‘https’ and the lock symbol is displayed, this needs to be in your browser address window when entering your card details or any personal information.

    On a mobile device use trusted apps – it can be difficult to see the full web address on mobile if you are using a web browser so instead stick with trusted apps.

    Keep your passwords long and unique – make sure to mix your passwords up with special characters, capital letters and numbers and use a different password for each site.

    Check your bank statements – if you don’t recognise a transaction, contact your bank or card issuer.