How do I lodge money into to my current account?

There are several ways of lodging money into your Bank of Ireland personal current account.

Between my own accounts

You can quickly transfer funds between your Bank of Ireland accounts e.g. from Savings account to Current account. You can do this using:

  • Bank of Ireland App
  • 365 online
  • Mobile and Tablet banking apps
  • Phone Banking

All of these methods of payment are cheaper than either writing a cheque or withdrawing/transferring over the counter in the branch.

How can I register for 365 online?

Using BIC and IBAN

Using your BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number) you can send money into your Bank of Ireland account from other banks and financial institutions.

Where do I find my BIC & IBAN?

Income- wages or pension

Using an Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), organisations can make payments by electronic transfer directly into your Bank of Ireland account. It is mainly used by employers for paying wages and salaries, but can also be used for payments such as pensions and employee expenses.

Branch Lodgements

There are two ways to lodge funds within the branch.

With the Lodgement Machine you can:

  • Avoid the queues at the counter
  • Save money - Cheaper than lodging at the counter
  • Use your Bank of Ireland ATM/Visa Debit card
  • Lodge Euro cash (no coins) and cheques

Over the counter you can:

  • Use your Bank of Ireland ATM/Visa Debit card or an AIB Debit Card
  • Lodge Euro cash, coins, and cheques
  • Lodge foreign currency cash (no coins) and cheques

Remember that making a lodgement or withdrawal over the counter is more expensive than using automated payments such as ATM, Bank of Ireland App, 365 online, Mobile and Tablet banking apps, or Phone Banking.

Have you used the other services at the ATM or External Lodgement ATMs?

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