I haven’t received my Security Code for online banking request

Take the following steps to ensure you quickly receive your security code.

  1. Check which phone number you registered for security codes
  2. Reissue the security code to your mobile
  3. Use trouble shooting check list
  4. Call us if you are still having issues
  • How to check your number
    1. Log into 365 Online
    2. Click Manage Accounts
    3. Click Amend My Mobile Phone Registered for Security Code

    The last four digits of the number will be displayed here. To change the number, follow the on-screen instructions.

  • How to reissue the security code to your mobile
    1. Log on to 365 online
    2. Click Manage Accounts
    3. Click Manage Payees
    4. Check the payee you wish to activate by Mobile Security Code
    5. Click Activate
    6. Enter a random 7 - digit number (such as 1234567) three times. After your third attempt, an on-screen message will say that a new code was issued
    7. Check your mobile phone for the SMS security code
  • Trouble shooting checklist

    If you continue to have issues with security codes, please complete below checklist:

    • Try switching your phone off and on
    • Make sure your mail box is not full
    • Make sure you have full coverage
    • If you are abroad make sure you have international roaming enabled
    • If your mobile service is with a foreign provider, make sure that they forward any SMS sent from us to your hand set
    • Delete the payee and add it again
    • Do you have anti-virus software or a firewall that is blocking the text message we sent you?
  • Contact us

    If you're still not receiving your security codes, please call us on 0818 200 365. Tell the adviser that you have taken the above steps. If you have changed your mobile phone recently you must change your registered mobile phone number on 365 Online.

Last updated: July 30, 2019

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