What is the new single monthly fee that is being charged to my Personal Current Account?

On 23 November 2020, we introduced a simple way of charging for Personal Current Accounts. We introduced a single fee for maintaining the account of €6 per month* and eliminated individual charges for a range of current account transactions and services.

Personal customers no longer pay an individual bank charge for the following euro-based transactions and services, amongst others:

  • Debit card contactless transactions
  • Debit card chip and PIN transactions
  • Debit card online transactions
  • ATM and lodgement transactions
  • Automated / self-service transactions (for example direct debit, standing orders)
  • Over-the-counter branch transactions
  • Unpaid direct debits, unpaid standing orders, unpaid cheques
  • Referral items (where a payment of any kind causes you to go into unauthorised overdraft)
  • Ordering a cheque book or bank draft (government stamp duty still applies).

Our Schedule of Fees and Charges for Personal Customers shows the limited number of services that you will be charged for, depending on the account type you hold. You can get a copy here.

* This monthly fee replaces the previously applied fee for maintaining the account of €5 per quarter.

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