Are there any forms I need to fill out to complete a switch and where can I get these forms?

Yes, you must complete an Account Transfer Form, confirming the date you want our account to be switched (allow at least three working days for your old bank to receive the switch for) and confirm whether you wish to follow option A or B:

  • Option A: Switch your personal current account(s) to Bank of Ireland including all standing orders and direct debits and close your old current account


  •  Option B: Keep your old account open with your ‘old’ bank and only switch your active standing orders and direct debits to your ‘new’ bank.
We will then send your completed form to your ‘old’ bank. Your ‘old’ bank will
  • Close your old account (Option A only)
  • Send you a list of your direct debits and standing orders (Option A & B)
  •  Send us your closing balance (Option A only)
  •  Send us your standing order details (Option A & B)
  • Notify the Direct Debit Originators of your new account details.

You can get the Account Transfer Form at any branch or by completing the form as part of the Switching Guide below

Switching Guide
Last updated: June 04, 2019

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