Can I order an up-to-date eStatement now?

Yes, you can now order a statement / eStatement using 365 Online or by using self-service phone banking:

  • 365 Online
    1. Log onto 365 Online;
    2. Click the Service Desk;
    3. Choose Order a Statement;
    4. Enter details and click continue.
  • Self Service phone banking
    1. Call 0818 200 365;
    2. Choose Option 1 Account Enquiries;
    3. Choose Option 5 All other services;
    4. Choose Option 1 Order a Statement;
    5. Enter account details and 3 requested digits of your 365 PIN.

When will the statement / estatements be available?

If you order your up-to-date estatement before 3:30pm on a working day the statement will be produced overnight, ready to download via 365 online within 24-48 hours. Paper statements will be sent to the statement address in 3-5 working days. To receive paper statements you must opt to do this online

My account is not listed on 365 Online Order a Statement

You may also request an up-to-date Paper statement for your Mortgage, Notice deposit or Term Deposit accounts online via the Service Desk choosing the “Ask a Question’ Option. These paper statements will be issued to you by post in 3-5 working days.

You may also add an eligible account* to your 365 profile which will allow you to view estatements online

How do I add an account?

*Current accounts, demand deposit accounts, and credit cards

Last updated: July 30, 2019

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