How can I get a Bank Draft and how long does it take?

Bank drafts are available to Bank of Ireland Customers for amounts of €500 -or more (or the foreign currency equivalent of €500). See below how to order a Domestic Bank Draft or a Foreign Bank Draft

Domestic Bank Draft - a payee based in Republic of Ireland or UK:

A Bank Draft requested in branch and intended for a payee based in the Republic of Ireland or the UK can usually be provided there and then.

Foreign Bank Draft - for a payee outside Republic of Ireland or UK

Please note that from 8 May 2018, Bank Drafts intended for a payee outside Republic of Ireland or UK will require notice of 1 business day.

1. Ordering - You can ask us for a foreign draft online before 6 pm* or in any Bank of Ireland branch. You’ll need to tell us:

- The name of the person or organisation (i.e. Payee); and

- The country in which they are based.

2. Collection – You can collect the draft on the next working day in any branch telling us:

- The amount you want the draft for; and

- The currency you need it in.

*A Bank Draft Request submitted online after 6pm on a normal business day will be available for payment and collection at your chosen branch two business days later.

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