About the Bank of Ireland Alumni Network

About us

The Bank of Ireland Alumni Network was established in 2018 to help you connect with former colleagues and keep up to date with all that’s happening in the Group. Our purpose is to help our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive and one of the most important communities we have is our Alumni.

We have a proud history and heritage and it’s the people that have made Bank of Ireland a great place to work since 1783. Colleagues working in the Bank today are part of a much wider Bank of Ireland family who want to stay connected with former colleagues and friends. So, whether you’ve spent your entire career with the Bank or worked here for a part of it, we’re keen to help you stay connected and keep you up to date.

Please join our Alumni Network and get involved.

Who is eligible to join?

The Bank of Ireland Alumni Network is open to all former colleagues of Bank of Ireland. That is, anyone who previously held a full-time/part-time contract of employment with the Group regardless of the time spent working in the organisation.

Contact us

For any queries, please email janet.cooke@boi.com.