How We Protect You

Our banking sites use an encryption system to protect your banking information at all times.

When logging on to Bank of Ireland 365 online we will ask you to provide your own private and individual User ID and 365 PIN in conjunction with a personal detail question. This information is encrypted during transmission and will remain a secret as long as you do not disclose it.

Bank of Ireland 365 online requires the use of a secure browser to access account information and perform transactions.

The bank is protected by a firewall, which forms a barrier between the outside Internet and the internal bank network.

Payee details will appear on screen and in the receipt which you can print off when the bank confirms your instruction to make a funds transfer or pay a bill.

After a period of inactivity your current session on the web site will automatically timeout. To restart your session, all you have to do is re-enter your User ID, PIN and password at the login screen.

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