Why can I not add a payee to 365 online?

If you are having difficulty adding a payee we would be happy to assist you. Please see below common issues some of our customers' experience.

What you see How to fix this Exceptions

If the payee you are adding is already in your list of payees.

This may be a payee you have not yet activated

Only one payee of the same type and IBAN may be added on 365 online.

If you need a code resent for an unactivated payee see instructions

You can add a payee as a SEPA Payee to transfer in EURO and use the same details for an International payee to transfer a foreign currency.

Credit Card not listed as a Bill

Not listed as a Bill payee on 365 online

Add this as a SEPA (euro) or an International Payee (non-Euro)

Payee name not accepted

Error message for payee name

Payee name can accept letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9.

Do not use any special characters or accents on names

Payee name does not fit

Payee name can be 20 characters long.

Payee names on 365 Online allow you to identity the payee you may shorten the name or remove spaces.

International Transfers include information from the payees you add. They should be as close to the account name as possible. Contact the payee for advice

Credit Card IBAN not accepted for SEPA Payee

Some Credit Card providers use a holding account

If you have difficultly adding a Credit Card as a SEPA payee please call us, we are happy to add the details for you.

0818 365 365

Please be aware that as we must add some accounts manually security codes can only be issued to your postal address

Bank of Ireland Credit Cards should be added using the Bill Payee option

If you continue to experience difficulties adding a payee after using the above troubleshooting steps please call us on 0818 365 365 to speak with an advisor.

Last updated: July 02, 2019

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