What if I am having problems with my Google Pay payment?

There could be a number of reasons for this:

  1. There may be insufficient funds or credit limit available to make the transaction
  2. The payment is over €50
  3. Some merchants may not support Google Pay transactions above €50 on their terminals.

  4. The merchant does not accept Contactless payments
  5. Not all retailers accept contactless payments yet. Please use another payment method such as your BOI debit or credit card with Chip and PIN authorisation.

  6. You haven’t established a data network or Wi-Fi connection for a while
  7. Mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is required after 30 transactions to replenish security settings and after a device restart.

  8. Your phone is not NFC-capable or the NFC function is turned off
  9. NFC is the chip on your phone that allows contactless communication with the point of sale.

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