How do I transfer money using my Bank of Ireland Tablet app?

To make a transfer to another account you must first add and activate a Payee, then you can follow these simple steps when logged in to the tablet app and make your first transfer:
  • Opening the Transfer details
    1. Tap top left icon to open the menu
    2. Tap Money Transfers in main menu
    The next screen will show the blank Transfer Details. Drag and drop options to highlighted boxes to set up your transfer.
  • Making a Transfer step by step
    The tablet app uses drag and drop when making selections. Need help with drag and drop?
    1. Select the account you are transferring from
    2. Select where you are transferring to, chose from
      • My Accounts or
      • Your list of payees - Bills, SEPA, or International
    3. Tap amount, enter how much you wish to transfer using the device keyboard then tap Submit
    4. Select when you would like to make this payment
      • Tap Today or
      • Select a date on calendar by tapping Future Date then tap Continue
    5. If required add reason for payment, or edit reference, then tap Continue
    6. View important information cut off time and daily limits, tap Continue
    7. Take time to confirm Transfer Details then enter the 3 requested digits of your 6 digit 365 PIN then tap Submit.

    A confirmation screen will appear summarising your transfer request.

    Transfer cut-off times are as follows:

    Cut-off time for ROI - 3.30pm

    Cut-off time for UK - 4.30pm

  • Need help with drag and drop?
    To drag and drop selections using the tablet app simply
      • Tap and hold your finger to an account or payee, selected accounts will turn blue



      • Keeping your finger on the screen, move your finger across to a green drop area
    • Lift your finger away from the screen to drop the selection
Last updated: April 05, 2018

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