I plan to travel abroad. What should I do?

If you plan to travel abroad with your credit card, let us know. You can do this quickly and simply on Card Care or 365 online.

Using Card Care

  1. Go to the “Services” option
  2. Select “Overseas Travel”
  3. Enter only one location

When visiting multiple locations, enter the first location only. Update Card Care when you leave that location for your next destination.

Using 365 online

Let us know if you are travelling with credit card or debit cards using 365 online.

Not Registered for 365 Online please click here.

See below information regarding Travel Notification.

By telling us your plans it makes it less likely that a transaction will be declined or that we will need to contact you to verify transactions on your account. For security reasons we may sometimes still need to contact you so it’s important to make sure your contact details are up to date.

The information you provide will be validated by Bank of Ireland. If the information you provide does not match our records your Travel Notification will not be processed.

Last updated: September 05, 2017

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