Can I set up an overpayment to my mortgage via 365 online?

Yes. To add a regular Overpayment to your mortgage, simply register your Bank of Ireland Mortgage on your Banking 365 profile and send a request via the secure messaging inbox. Follow these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Add your mortgage account to your list of online Bill payees
    1. On the 365 online home page click ‘Add payee’ (alternatively you can go through the ‘Money Transfer’ option).
    2. Under ‘Type of Payee’ select ‘Bill’.
    3. Choose your preferred Security Code delivery option and click ‘Continue’.
    4. Under ‘Bill name’ select ‘BOI Mortgage’ input the required information and click ‘Continue’.
    5. Enter the requested digits from your 365 PIN and click ‘Add a Bill’, and your security code will be sent to you directly.
    6. When you receive your security code, select ‘Manage Accounts’ and your new mortgage account, then click ‘Activate Payee’ and enter your security code. Your Mortgage account is now activated and will be listed under your registered bills.
  • Step 2: Request to set up a regular overpayment on your mortgage
    1. On the 365 online home page click ‘My Inbox’ in the top right hand corner.
    2. Click on the submit query tab and then select ‘other 365 online query’.
    3. Under ‘select account’ choose your registered mortgage account.
    4. In the ‘Subject’ field, type in the free field box ‘mortgage overpay’.
    5. In the ‘Message’ field, type in your request e.g. ‘My mortgage account number is XXXXXXXX. Please increase my mortgage repayments to €XXXX per month’.
    6. Click send. Any additional amount you pay over your normal monthly repayments will be paid against your capital balance. This will reduce your total interest charge and may shorten the term of your mortgage.
Last updated: May 15, 2017

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