What additional documentation do I need if I am building my own home?

  1. You will need to provide a copy of the planning approval up front, including folio no. and the site folio map the site map should be in PRA (Property Register Authority) acceptable format. You should also confirm the size of plot and size of any attached land - this is especially important where the new house is being built on a folio to be split from family land (This will need to be provided on a PRA approved map when submitting the application for planning permission.)
  2. Comprehensive costings are required, or a copy of the Fixed Price Contract (FPC), as verified by a supervising Architect/Engineer/Surveyor. This should include all fit out, fixtures and fittings. Allowance should also be made for fitted kitchens, connection to/provision of services, landscaping and boundaries, VAT and professional fees
  3. There are additional documents required to confirm that the building complies with Building Regulations - i.e.
    • Final Certificate of Compliance from Assigned Certifier
    • Declaration of Identity from Assigned Certifier to confirm all services within the site boundaries
    • Confirmation that financial contributions as per planning have been paid
    • Final Inspection from Valuer.

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