KeyCode Security

Bank of Ireland KeyCode offers the following security benefits and controls:

  • A secure PIN is required to access the KeyCode app.
  • The one time code (password) is transaction-specific and either expires on use or after 60 seconds.
  • KeyCode does not store customer, or Bank account information.
  • KeyCode only works on the registered device, with the corresponding 365 online User ID.
  • The app is registered to an individual user.
  • Once downloaded, KeyCode can operate in an entirely offline environment with no requirement for internet or cellular access.

Here are some ways you can help to keep your device secure:

  • Use a strong PIN or alphanumeric passcode or other security feature (for example, biometrics), as supported by your device. Remember to always keep your PIN or passcode safe and secure.
  • Set the auto-lock feature on your device so that the screen locks automatically after a short time period.
  • Use a device from a reliable source. Avoid using second-hand devices, jail broken devices etc.
  • Keep the software on your device up to date by installing the latest software update as soon as it becomes available. You will normally receive a prompt to update it.
  • Only download trusted apps from official app stores (for example, the App store for iOS, Play store for Android or Windows store); never from links received in emails, texts or web pages.
  • Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments in unsolicited emails.
  • Choose 3G or 4G networks rather than joining unknown Wi-Fi networks and using unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Log out of websites when you have finished using them. If you remain signed in to certain pages and your device is stolen, that information may be easily accessible.

Note: You should never share your banking details. Official bank of Ireland staff will never ask for your PIN numbers or One Time Passwords generated on the KeyCode app. For more information please visit our Security Zone

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