KeyCode Registration

  • What do I need in order to be able to register for the KeyCode app and use Open Banking services?

    In order to use CMA Open Banking services you must:

    • Be a 365 online customer with a UK current account – if you are a personal customer, register today here. If you are a business customer, click here to find out more.
    • Have your mobile phone number registered to receive security codes with 365 online.
    • Have a smart device – in order to download the KeyCode app which is required when logging into the Account Access site.
    • Register for the Bank of Ireland KeyCode app – you can start the registration process by logging into 365 online selecting ‘Manage Accounts’ from the left hand navigation.

    Note: We recommend that you use a laptop or desktop to register for KeyCode as you will need your smart device to download the KeyCode App.

  • What is the KeyCode serial number and where can I find it?

    The serial number is a unique 16-digit code found on the KeyCode app which is needed for registration. The serial number will appear on the app the first time you download it and open the app. If you have already registered your KeyCode app and want to find the serial number, you'll need to:

    • Open your KeyCode App and enter the PIN you created during the KeyCode registration process
    • Click Password on the menu screen
    • Click Main Menu on the password screen
    • Open App Information on the main menu screen
    • Your app serial number (16 digits) will be displayed on screen
  • Can I register multiple 365 online User IDs on the same KeyCode app?

    Yes, you can register multiple 365 online user IDs for KeyCode - but you must have already registered one of your 365 online User IDs on the KeyCode app before you can register another 365 User ID. To register another 365 User ID, first login to 365 online and follow the 'register additional profile' process on the Manage KeyCode app page under the Manage Account section.

    Note: We recommend that you use a laptop or desktop to register for the KeyCode app.

  • Can I register my KeyCode app against my 365 online User ID on multiple devices?

    No, your 365 User ID can only be registered on one KeyCode app and on one smart device. If you want to use another smart device then you will need to de-register your KeyCode app and register the KeyCode app again on your new smart device. You can however have more than one 365 User ID or Business on Line profile registered on one KeyCode app.

    Note: If you have multiple 365 online User IDs registered on your KeyCode app, once you deregister the app all the User IDs will be deregistered and you will need to follow the registration process as well as the additional profile registration processes again on 365 online.

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