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Enabling Customers to thrive Enabling Customers to thrive

Enabling our customers to thrive

The first part of our purpose is to ‘enable our customers to thrive’, by putting customers at the heart of what we do. This begins with restoring trust between us. Listening to and understanding what our customers are telling us helps us to see things through their eyes. It means serving customers when and how it matters most; at key moments in their lives. It means supporting them with practical help and expert knowledge and continually checking back that we are meeting their needs.

  • We continuously engage with our personal and business customers to ask them how well we are meeting their needs and to understand where we can improve.
  • We will not always get things right but when we don't we will strive to put things right as soon as possible. The tracker mortgage issue reminds us of how trust between us and our customers can easily be lost.
  • We are adapting our services and investing in new technology to meet the changing needs of our customers.
  • We enable our personal customers to thrive by helping them with advice, access and the information they need to make decisions around their key life moments.
  • We enable our business customers to thrive through providing relevant and timely advice, innovative support for entrepreneurs and finance for housing and infrastructure.
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