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Responsible Business

There are many sides to our responsibility to our customers. Supporting their financial wellbeing is a key part of this responsibility, as well as ensuring that we are inclusive of our more vulnerable customers. As the bank with the largest branch network in Ireland, we are uniquely placed to support the business community.

Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is dened as ‘the extent to which someone is able to meet all their current commitments and needs comfortably and has the financial resilience to do so’ (CCPC, 2018). We have a responsibility to enable and promote financial wellbeing among our customers and our communities. In 2018, we focused our support in this area on our younger and older customers.


2018 Achievements

literacy hours delivered to students across Ireland

older people through the ‘Manage your money safely’

of wind energy funded

invested in communities across Ireland through our National Enterprise Programme


Peter Cooney is one of 29 National Youth Coordinators supporting our financial wellbeing programmes for students. Based in Wexford and in the role since August 2017, Peter enjoys the opportunity to build a community and bring the youth programmes to life in schools.

Within our youth segment, our main objective is to enable young people to thrive, through engaging financial wellbeing programmes for students throughout Ireland. Our comprehensive youth literacy programme focuses on two critical life-skill areas,financial skills and enterprise education. Specic activities include:

  • Talking Cents with Ollie magazine, a financial literacy magazine for primary schools.
  • BizWorld, a two-day entrepreneurship programme for 4th and 5th Class students with over 10,000 participants in 2018.
  • Financial Literacy Week to help secondary students understand basic financial skills.
  • TY Academy - a three-day workshop that helps students develop key skills and provides practical guidance on starting their own business was held for students from 200 schools.
  • Financial Literacy Weeks in third-level colleges, including the ‘Quest Room’ (an escape room with financial literacy questions).

Enterprise and community programme

This programme is an important part of our brand and commercial strategy, and helps businesses and communities across Ireland to grow. €800k was invested in 2018 and initiatives included:

  • Local Enterprise Activity - a range of local enterprise and community events including 40 Enterprise Town events, sponsorship investment in the National Start-Up Awards, and 12 workbenches and ve partner facilities.
  • National Enterprise Week - 23 events around the country under the theme of ‘Investing for business growth’.
  • National Enterprise Town Awards (NETA) - 83 entries from towns and villages across the country which culminated in a gala event in November.
  • - the number one small business reference site in Ireland, which offers entrepreneurs free advice on starting, running and growing a business.

invested in communities across Ireland through our National Enterprise Programme

Bank of Ireland Workbench is a unique concept which connects entrepreneurs, branch and community by offering free dedicated space for co-working, seminars, clinics and events to encourage innovation and new ideas. Tom McDonald, Niamh Butler and Orla O’Donnell (pictured across) are all regular users of one of our newest Workbenches in Kilkenny. The opening of this and others in 2018 brings our number of Workbenchs to 12 across the country. A space away from home with a good working environment combined with the opportunity to meet and network with likeminded people are the main drivers for these start-ups to use Workbench. In 2018, Workbench collected the Excellence in Marketplace award at Chambers Ireland CSR Awards.

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