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Responsible Business

We strive to ensure that our colleagues are engaged and have the skills and capabilities to serve our customers brilliantly. At the same time, we are working hard to make our workplace more inclusive and diverse, so colleagues can be themselves and perform to their full potential.

Engaging our colleagues

To achieve our ambition and purpose and to embed our values, we have embarked on a multi-year transformation of our culture. Throughout 2018, we focused on building awareness of our purpose and values and establishing baseline measures. This was achieved through a series of roadshows which reached over 6,000 colleagues in 44 different locations across the Group. We also held ‘Open View’ employee engagement surveys and skiplevel meetings to gather feedback from colleagues. Colleagues told us that they welcome the opportunity to share their views; want to be involved in our transformation; support our strategic priorities; embrace exible working and see more and more of us demonstrating our values.


2018 Achievements

engagement index score

male / female appointment to management & leadership positions

invested in learning


Inclusion and diversity

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse place to work. Our Inclusion and Diversity agenda continued to gain momentum and embed in 2018. In particular, we:

  • worked towards our 50:50 gender balance target for management and leadership appointments by 2021.In 2018, appointments to management and leadership positions represented a 58:42 male / female split. This has created an improvement in the overall representation of women at management and leadership level from 36% to 37%
  • further developed our six colleague diversity networks
  • improved data collection and reporting of diversity data on age and gender.

An assessment by the CBI in 2018 acknowledged the progress that has been made by the Bank in its Inclusion and Diversity agenda and also identied opportunity for improvement in the areas of succession planning, measurement and prominence of inclusion and diversity at senior levels. We are committed to further strengthening our work in these areas and will continue to measure progress against the targets we have set.

gender balance target for management and leadership appointments by 2021

In 2018, we invested c.€14 million in developing the capabilities of our workforce - an important priority in supporting our transformation. This included a development programme for leaders on agile methodologies. We continue to ensure learning is part of our DNA. This year, we developed a wide range of bite-sized learning experiences, designed for just-in-time learning on computers and mobile devices. 60% of our learning is now through digital channels, helping our people learn as quickly and effectively as possible. We introduced 40 new courses, and provided 162,000 hours of training, with individuals completing an average of 14.5 hours.

Agile Leadership Training
As part of our cultural transformation, we are embedding agile methodologies and work practices across the Group. As a rst step in this process, we introduced leadership training to enable a shift to business agility.

Agile Colleagues