Press Releases


18/12/2013 Bank of Ireland announces 'Sponsor for a Day' competition winners
11/12/2013 Bank of Ireland opens new concept Branch in DCU
11/12/2013 Minister opens new Bank of Ireland concept branch in DCU
02/12/2013 The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland ("Bank of Ireland" or the "Bank") Bank of Ireland is not required to generate additional capital following the Central Bank of Ireland's Balance Sheet Assessment


14/11/2013 Loyalty Build compromise
14/11/2013 Falling inflation prompts ECB action according to Bank of Ireland economist
11/11/2013 Bank of Ireland Business Momentum survey reveals that 66% of business leaders in Ireland are optimistic about the year ahead
11/11/2013 Bank of Ireland and local business community announce Kells Enterprise Town programme of activity
07/11/2013 Bank of Ireland successfully raises 1bn of long term secured funding Strong investor demand for the Group's covered bonds
01/11/2013 The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland (The "Group") Interim Management Statement


31/10/2013 GDP growth to strengthen in 2014 according to Bank of Ireland's Quarterly Economic Outlook
30/10/2013 Bank of Ireland launches 75million fund in response to Government's Home Renovation Tax Incentive Scheme
15/10/2013 Bank of Ireland offers businesses Heineken Cup Jersey Sponsorship
15/10/2013 Bank of Ireland launches 'Enterprise Town' initiative in Kells
08/10/2013 Bank of Ireland announces entry in to car insurance market
01/10/2013 Bank of Ireland announces appointment of Mark Spain as Director of Group Investor Relations


25/09/2013 Bank of Ireland raises 500 million of 7 year long term secured funding underlined by very strong investor demand
20/09/2013 Bank of Ireland unveils new Third Level Student Package
16/09/2013 Half of Irish people between the ages of 30-45 have not started to save for their pension - according to a survey by Bank of Ireland


24/07/2013 Bank of Ireland launches a further 2 billion fund for First Time Buyers and Movers
23/07/2013 RNS Announcement The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland Board Changes
15/07/2013 Bank of Ireland announces a significant increase of 18% in new lending approvals for SMEs of 1.9 billion in the first half of 2013
09/07/2013 EU Restructuring Plan Update.


04/06/2013 Bank of Ireland Corporate Banking launches new Escrow Agency Service


29/05/2013 Bank of Ireland raises 500 million of 3 year unguaranteed senior unsecured funding
23/05/2013 Bank of Ireland announce major sponsorship agreement with Munster Rugby


30/04/2013 Bank of Ireland co-finances multi-million N11 / N7 upgrade
29/04/2013 Bank of Ireland Life pays out 94 million in life claims in 2012
07/04/2013 Bank of Ireland on track to meet its increased SME lending target for 2013


25/03/2013 Bank of Ireland announces nomination to Board of Directors
25/03/2013 Bank of Ireland announces appointment of Pat Farrell as Head of Group Communications and Government Affairs


26/02/2013 Bank of Ireland welcomes the Ministers announcement today.
04/02/2013 Mobile Banking just got easier!


18/01/2013 Bank of Ireland lends 1billion in mortgage finance in 2012
16/01/2013 Bank of Ireland announces appointment of Michael Torpey as Chief Executive, Corporate and Treasury Division
11/01/2013 Bank of Ireland invites students to play new 6th Dragon Game with Gavin Duffy today - Leinster players also to make surprise appearance at RDS stand
09/01/2013 Placement of Convertible Contingent Capital Tier 2 Notes
09/01/2013 Notice of Amendments of Convertible Contingent Capital T2 Notes
09/01/2013 Sale of Convertible Tier 2 Capital Notes
09/01/2013 The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland (Bank of Ireland)
09/01/2013 The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland (Bank of Ireland)