Press Releases


18/12/2012 IBI named as top corporate financial adviser for eighth year in a row
17/12/2012 Bank of Ireland will exceed its €3.5bn SME lending target for 2012 - 16% increase in lending approvals to SMEs
12/12/2012 Bank of Ireland raises EUR 250 million of new Lower Tier 2 capital
07/12/2012 Bank of Ireland Announces Details of its new Pay to Mobile Service and Calls for Customers to Register Today


15/11/2012 Access to credit and fostering young entrepreneurs key focus at Bank of Ireland's seventh National Enterprise Week.
12/11/2012 Bank of Ireland finances multi-million Schools Project with the European Investment Bank


29/10/2012 Bank of Ireland launches 100 % capital secure global growth bond for private clients
23/10/2012 Bank of Ireland launches Markets App - a first in Ireland
22/10/2012 Bank of Ireland Funds New Multi Million 90 Bed Nursing Home in Bray
11/10/2012 84% want a place to call their own
09/10/2012 Ireland's Savings Ratio according to Bank of Ireland's Monthly Bulletin


13/09/2012 Bank of Ireland launches new initiatives to support its drive to increase market share in agri sector


31/08/2012 September may be significant month for the euro according to Bank of Ireland's Monthly Bulletin
20/08/2012 45% of parents have made no provision to fund their children's education
02/08/2012 Recovery stronger than previously reported according to Bank of Ireland's


30/07/2012 Bank of Ireland contactless payments peak in Poznan - over 400,000 customers already enjoying the benefits of new Visa Debit card
25/07/2012 Bank of Ireland launches €25m fund for agri customers impacted by poor weather
22/07/2012 Bank of Ireland launches new regular premium product - offering potential for higher growth
17/07/2012 Bank of Ireland welcomes €2.25bn domestic infrastructure stimulus plan
09/07/2012 Bank of Ireland launches new global equity fund for private clients
05/07/2012 Bank of Ireland welcomes slight increase in demand for lending from SMEs
04/07/2012 Central Banks called into action - again according to Bank of Ireland's Monthly Bulletin
04/07/2012 Bank of Ireland launches new credit line to help stimulate demand for lending


29/06/2012 Bank of Ireland UK plc announces Board changes
27/06/2012 Bank of Ireland statement on the mortgage market
22/06/2012 Ulster Bank IT Issue
21/06/2012 Bank of Ireland gets social - first bank to service customers across Boards, Facebook and Twitter
20/06/2012 Bank of Ireland announces Governor Designate and other Non-Executive Director appointments
15/06/2012 Bank of Ireland launches new 'Gold' account - If Ireland wins, you win.
08/06/2012 Weaker euro will help according to Bank of Ireland's Monthly Bulletin
05/06/2012 Bank of Ireland announces arrival of Android app
04/06/2012 Bank of Ireland delivers new suite of competitive savings options for customers


17/05/2012 Bank of Ireland seeks to grow share of business lending market as it launches its sixth National Enterprise Week "Business confidence must be restored to stimulate demand for lending", according to Bank of Ireland
09/05/2012 Bank of Ireland makes the smart move with new banking app
04/05/2012 Euro rates at fresh lows according to Bank of Ireland's Monthly Bulletin


30/04/2012 Modest but volatile growth expected this year according to Bank of Ireland's Quarterly Economic Outlook
24/04/2012 The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland (The Bank of Ireland) Interim Management Statement
19/04/2012 Bank of Ireland announces new mortgage options for customers in negative equity
18/04/2012 Bank of Ireland launches €200 m primary care fund
13/04/2012 'Agriculture in mid Cork 2012 and beyond' Bank of Ireland and Teagasc host Agri Seminar in Macroom
13/04/2012 Bank of Ireland and Dundalk Chamber of Commerce host 'Business Advice Evening' in Dundalk
13/04/2012 ICS Building Society announce decreases to Fixed Rate mortgages
13/04/2012 Leinster shows its Bród with their cúpla focal
10/04/2012 Bank of Ireland announces decreases to fixed rate mortgages


05/03/2012 Banc na hÉireann shows its Bród and launches Fáilte Fridays
05/03/2012 Bród ar Bhanc na hÉireann feachtas 'Gaeilge agus Fáilte ar an Aoine' a sheoladh


23/02/2012 Mortgages
08/02/2012 Ireland is funded through 2013 - Bond rally raises possibility of issuance


17/01/2012 Bank of Ireland launches Cashflow Management Planner for SMEs
17/01/2012 External environment to weigh on exports according to Bank of Ireland's Quarterly Economic Outlook
10/01/2012 Bank of Ireland appoints new Head of Agri
04/01/2012 Corporate Finance Deal Advisor Tables of Year 2011