Code of Conduct

The Bank of Ireland Group Code of Conduct (the Code) is the standard that we set ourselves for what we say and do in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, Government and regulators. It is our commitment to the behaviours that are expected from each of us. The Code gives us guidance on how these behaviours should apply to all activities of the Group. We are all required to follow both the spirit and the letter of this Code in our dealings with others, both internally and externally, and in our personal financial dealings. The Code is not, nor can it be, specific to each and every situation that we may encounter as an employee or director of a Group business unit. However, the intention of the Code is very clear and includes details of what action employees can take if they have any concerns. Each employee has a personal responsibility to read the Code and understand what it means.

Thank you,

Richie Boucher
Group Chief Executive, January 2015